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Batserver is now running a Discord server. Great for communicating both chat and voice. Perfect for sharing information about anything Tech or perhaps as downtime in an evening when playing some games.

Invite code:

You can now join the chat and discussions over at our IRC channel!



Channel: #batserver

You can use your preffered IRC Client to connect. Examples on how to do this can before here

Alternativly, you can use IRC within your browser here

Join the chat. Using your prefered Jabber/XMPP client, you can register to join here: Register


Below is an example of using our prefered Chat client "Pidgin" (windows & Linux)

By default, you will be placed in a "guests" group. This is to help prevent spam accounts and also respect the other members. You may then be moved into a "Trusted guests" list by one of our members.

Chat Server Image